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In the current era of digital technology, the installation of home surveillance CCTV has become an indispensable trend, making it easier to monitor and protect your home.

However, choosing a surveillance CCTV still raises questions for families, especially regarding benefits and costs. To address these concerns, Duc Anh will help you answer all questions through this article, providing you with essential information about home CCTV and suitable installation solutions for your budget.

1. Benefits of Home Surveillance CCTV

Installing home surveillance CCTV is an effective security solution, helping protect property and family members. Here are specific benefits provided by CCTV:

Protecting Property

Property theft and damage are increasing, causing significant losses for families. Home surveillance CCTV help prevent theft and property damage. When potential thieves see the CCTV, they hesitate and refrain from committing crimes.

Protecting Family Members

Home CCTV can help monitor infants, the elderly, persons with disabilities, etc. In case of any incidents, the CCTV record images and sound, enabling timely response.

Controlling the Activities of Helpers

Installing home CCTV helps homeowners control the activities of domestic helpers, ensuring they take care of children and family property attentively. Additionally, it records images of helpers in case of any improper behavior.

Providing Peace of Mind

Installing home CCTV brings peace of mind when going out, working, or traveling by allowing monitoring of all activities inside the house through phones, computers, etc.

Legal Evidence

Images and sound recorded by home surveillance CCTV can be used as legal evidence in cases of theft, property damage, etc. CCTV 3

2. Experience in Installing Home CCTV

With the significant benefits mentioned above, installing home surveillance CCTV is essential. There are two ways to install home CCTV: self-installation or hiring the services of a professional company.

2.1 Self-Installation of Home CCTV

If you have knowledge and skills in electricity and technology, you can self-install home surveillance CCTV. However, self-installation may encounter some difficulties such as:

  • Difficulty in choosing a CCTV suitable for needs and usage purposes.
  • Difficulty in determining appropriate CCTV installation locations.
  • Difficulty in connecting the CCTV system.

2.2 Choosing Professional Home Surveillance CCTV Installation Services

Hiring the installation services of professional companies is a solution chosen by many. Opting for installation services will help ensure the effectiveness and safety of your home CCTV system, avoiding potential risks such as:

  • Purchasing low-quality CCTV.
  • Incorrect installation.
  • Inappropriate installation locations for the intended purpose.
  • Low-security measures, making it susceptible to hacking at any time.

To ensure quality and safety for your home CCTV system, you should choose a reputable and professional installation service. When selecting an installation service, consider the following criteria:

  • Years of experience in CCTV installation.
  • Use of genuine, high-quality CCTV products.
  • A team of professional technicians with high expertise.
  • Good warranty policy.

3. Solution for Installing Home Surveillance CCTV

Home surveillance CCTV systems are designed and installed to ensure security and safety for your home. This system includes the following main components:

  • Surveillance CCTV: Devices that capture images and transmit them to the recording device. Currently, there are two main types of surveillance CCTV on the market: wired and wireless.
  • Recording device: Stores images and videos from surveillance CCTV.
  • Storage device: Can be an HDD, SSD, SD card, etc.
  • Supporting devices: Include other supporting devices such as monitoring screens, mobile devices, etc.

3.1 Important Locations for Installing Surveillance CCTV

To ensure effectiveness and safety for your family, choosing the right positions for installing home CCTV is essential. Below are some important locations that CCTV CCTV's customers choose for installing CCTV in their homes:


Installing CCTV at entrances helps you monitor and record everyone entering your home. This helps you detect and prevent unauthorized intrusions.

Living Room

The living room is where guests gather and family activities take place. Installing CCTV in the living room helps you monitor and record the activities of visitors, ensuring security and avoiding undesirable situations such as theft or disorder.


The kitchen, with many electrical appliances and a high risk of fire and explosion, benefits from CCTV installation for monitoring and timely detection of incidents such as fires, ensuring family safety.


The garden is an area with valuable assets such as vehicles and belongings. Installing CCTV in the garden helps protect your property and prevent theft.


The rooftop is an area often used for various purposes like drying clothes, gardening, or relaxation. However, it is also a place that is often vacant and less frequented, making it an ideal location for malicious activities such as theft and intrusion.

Children's Room

The children's room is where young ones spend most of their time sleeping, resting, studying, and playing. Therefore, close monitoring of the children's room is crucial to ensure their safety.

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3.2 Which Type of Home CCTV to Use?

Currently, there are various types of home CCTV on the market with different features and technologies. Which type of home CCTV should you use? Below are some outstanding features of modern home CCTV recommended and advised by CCTV CCTV:

Sharp Image Quality

Image quality is one of the most important factors for home CCTV. Modern home CCTV offer high resolutions, up to 4K, capturing clear, detailed images even in low-light conditions.

Motion Detection Feature

The motion detection feature enables home CCTV to automatically record images when motion is detected in the surveillance area. This feature helps users quickly identify unusual activities and take timely action.

Two-Way Audio Feature

The two-way audio feature allows users to communicate directly with people in front of the CCTV. This feature is useful for communicating with children, the elderly, or monitoring home security.

Storage Feature

Modern home CCTV can store images on memory cards, hard drives, or cloud storage. The storage feature allows users to review images when needed, even if the CCTV is stolen or damaged.

Internet Connectivity Feature

Modern home CCTV can connect to the internet, allowing users to remotely access and view images via smartphones, tablets, and computers. This feature enables users to monitor their homes anytime, anywhere.

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4. Professional Home CCTV Installation Service

Duc Anh Electric is one of the leading providers of professional home CCTV installation services in Vietnam. With many years of experience in this field, we have delivered high-quality CCTV systems to thousands of customers, meeting all usage needs.

Here are the key advantages of the CCTV CCTV's home surveillance installation service:

  • Genuine, high-quality products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Professional and dedicated services
  • Reputable warranty and maintenance policies

4.1 Home Surveillance CCTV Installation Process

Installing home surveillance CCTV is a necessary task to ensure the security of your home. However, to install home CCTV effectively, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose installation locations
  • Step 2: Choose the CCTV type
  • Step 3: Choose storage devices
  • Step 4: Install and configure the CCTV

4.2 Cost of Home Surveillance CCTV Installation

The cost of installing home surveillance CCTV depends on various factors such as the number of CCTV, CCTV types, CCTV features, installation locations, etc.

CCTV CCTV is a reputable and professional provider of home surveillance CCTV installation solutions. With the most optimal CCTV installation solutions, you can be assured of reasonable costs. Below is a price reference table:


Product Name


Product Code


Wireless CCTV (2Mp) 450,000đ C1C-BD 1080


360-Degree Rotating Wireless CCTV (2Mp) 460,000đ C6N-D 1080


Outdoor Wireless CCTV (2Mp) 650,000đ H3C-D Standard


24/7 Color Outdoor Wireless CCTV 770,000đ H3C-D Color


24/7 Color Outdoor Wireless CCTV with Siren, Flash, Two-Way Audio 930,000đ H3C-D Full-Featured


Outdoor Rotating Wireless CCTV



However, to accurately calculate the cost of installing home surveillance CCTV, please contact us directly for advice and to provide the most suitable CCTV installation solution for your home.

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