Electrical Equipment Installation

Duc Anh Electric's installation services include electrical cabinets, building electrical systems, factory electrical systems, and industrial equipment.

We are committed to providing efficient and safe solutions, while offering a diverse range of electrical equipment solutions to meet all customer needs.

"Electricity comes from professionalism, installing electrical equipment!"

— Duc Anh Electric - Peace of mind service, effective solutions



Duc Anh Electrical's Electrical Equipment Installation Services:

Electrical Cabinet Installation:

Consultation and installation of quality electrical cabinets, from simple control cabinets to comprehensive distribution cabinets.

Building Electrical Installation:

Construction of electrical systems for buildings, including lighting systems, air conditioning, and other electrical devices.

Factory Electrical Installation:

Specializing in installing electrical systems for industrial plants, including automatic control systems and industrial equipment.

Industrial Equipment Installation:

Supply and installation of industrial electrical equipment such as control cabinets, transformers, and control panels.

Smart Electrical System Installation:

Implementation of smart electrical solutions, including smart switches and sockets, to optimize energy management and security.

Fan and Air Conditioning Installation:

Supply and installation of ceiling fans, stand fans, and air conditioners to ensure a comfortable and cool environment.

Security and Fire Protection Electrical System Installation:

Supporting consultation and installation of security systems such as security gates, alarm systems, fire protection and electrical solutions.

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