Electrical Equipment

Duc Anh Electric's electrical equipment services bring customers simplicity, efficiency, and reliability.

We offer a variety of residential and industrial electrical products, meeting all customer needs.

Electrical Equipment 2

Provided Equipment

Electrical Equipment
Electrical Equipment



  •   Various switches and sockets, including remote control switches and surge-protected sockets.
  •   Energy-saving and diverse LED lights.
  •   Smart electrical devices for optimizing energy management in households.
  •   Air conditioning and ceiling fans.
  •   Convenient USB sockets and chargers for mobile devices.


Electrical Equipment



  •   Industrial electrical cabinets meeting high technical and safety requirements.
  •   Industrial transformers providing stable power for industrial systems.
  •   Cables and industrial-grade wires resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
  •   Industrial control devices to protect and control the production process.
  •   Industrial sensors measuring critical parameters in industrial workplaces.
  •   Automatic control systems (PLC) managing production processes and industrial machinery.
  •   Industrial voltage stabilizers ensuring stable power and protecting equipment from voltage fluctuations.
  •   Industrial measurement and control equipment to ensure efficiency and safety in the production process.


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